The Vancouver Biennale introduces its fourth edition, titled “re-IMAGE-n”, launched June 2018, with projects unfolding over the exhibition’s two-year duration. The Biennale invites international artists to respond to the prevailing issues of our time, including the widespread refugee and migrant crisis, a global shift towards nationalism and isolationism, and an intensifying drain on our shared natural resources. Projects will “re-IMAGE-n” (reimagine) a progressive social framework that supports free speech, Reconciliation and the rights of First Nations, LGBTQ rights, artistic freedom, gender, racial and sexual equality, ecological awareness, religious freedom, and the ethics of biotechnology.

The Biennale’s artworks will evolve in freely accessible and often unexpected public locations throughout Vancouver. By bringing diverse audiences together with artists who offer a multiplicity of perspectives, aesthetics, lived realities and cultural histories, the 2018-2020 Vancouver Biennale provides evolving opportunities to re-imagine the agency and impact of art in public space.

Spring is in the air. As I walk & cycle the city, it’s evident that Spring has arrived. Beyond the joys of longer days, warmer weather, flora, and fauna popping up to reinvigorate neighborhoods, people have begun to emerge from the comfort of their homes to re-engage and connect with one another. Spring is the season of regeneration & inspiration; a time for ‘re-IMAGE-n’ing!
At the Biennale, in keeping with this theme, we have been doing just that; ‘re-IMAGE-n’ing who we are. In 2004 when we began, Public Art was a non-topic. However, fast forward 15 years and I’m pleased to say that the conversation in urban planning and landscape architecture circles, citizen groups and City governments has transformed such that Public Art is now common conversation. I feel confident in saying that a good deal of this conversation locally has been accelerated by the Biennale’s public art installations & interventions, fomenting the emergence of at least two other citywide art festivals, namely; the Mural Festival & Capture Photo Festival. Having hosted over 120 public art installations, principally sculpture, by 96 artists from 5 continents in 6 metro communities, with 14 of these, valued at more than $4 million having become a permanent legacy in 4 participating metro communities; the cities of New Westminster, Squamish, Richmond & Vancouver, the Vancouver Biennale is entering a new era of redefining; hence, re-imagining what is public space and what is public art? Over the next several months the results of these introspections will become evident, beginning with the announcement of the new BIENNALE CENTRE, the unveiling of our 2019 International Artist Residencies, digital media, performance, sound, video, word, installation & 3D artists, curators, community partners & community engagement events. Although we have always been about community; using art in public places to create gathering places, neighborhoods, dialogue & curriculum for schools; BE PREPARED to be WOW’d & to GET INVOLVED!
So tune up your bike, get your walking shoes ready, put aside your pocket change for a compass pass….& MARK 6:30 pm, THURSDAY JUNE 27TH, VANIER PARK, for our biggest party of the year. YOU ARE INVITED!

Visit our press release and events page frequently for more information on upcoming installations and Open Air Museum events. A list of participating curators can also be found on our Curatorial Team page.