Welcome to the CineFest in Schools Program


Film and video are a powerful media for expression, especially for young people in the age of Youtube and smartphones. In this era of screen-culture, we believe film offers young people rich opportunities to look closer, ask questions, think critically, and find their voice.


With CineFest in Schools, we bring together globally celebrated films that expand upon our Biennale themes and artworks, while offering diverse perspectives and ways of understanding or responding to our world. We present a carefully curated selection of award-winning films that teachers are invited to screen for free. Then take learning further, by showing students ways to question, create and expand upon what they learn with our CineFest unit plans and project ideas.


Films can be thought provoking catalysts for learning and social engagement in the classroom. With CineFest in Schools, bring these inspiring films and new ideas to your students, anywhere.


New this year, we bring you a selection of films by Alanis Obomsawin of the Waban-Aki First Nation. She is one of the most internationally celebrated Indigenous directors in the world today. With a career spanning over 50 years, she has made over 50 films exploring past, present, and alternative narratives about Indigenous histories and experiences. Her films have become cinematic forces for change. Teachers and students have the opportunity to screen these at school or at home, then use our unit plans to create projects that dive deeper and explore these filmmakers’ works in new ways.


Listen, question, explore and engage with the ideas of our time, through CineFest films in schools.


How it Works

CineFest in Schools offer free resources for teachers and students to learn about the world through thought provoking, eye-opening documentaries by top film makers. Choose a film that connects with your grade or subject of choice, watch in school or at home, then dive deeper into the film maker’s themes and ideas with our unit plans and project prompts.


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