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WOW Westminster

José Resende (Brazil)


Title: WOW Westminster
Artist: José Resende (b.1945, Brazil)
Medium: Four corten steel shipping containers
Dimensions (H x W x D): 10.7 x 42.7 x 2.4 m (35’1″ x 140’1″ x 7’10”)
Weight: 15,422 kg (34,000 lbs.)
Location:  Westminster Pier Park in New Westminster, British Columbia

This 140-foot-long installation, comprising four forty-foot shipping containers precariously cantilevered to form a “W,” was designed by the Brazilian artist José Resende and will become the dominant view along the Fraser River from the bridges above.

Marcello Dantas, the Vancouver Biennale’s senior curator credited with having chosen both the site and the artist, says, “Resende’s WOW WESTMINSTER is not only an interpretation of the economic activity of the Fraser River and the flow of goods through trains, ships and trucks: it’s also about capturing the energy and history of this transportation hub, the transformation of the City of New Westminster and its waterfront into a recreational arts and cultural playground. WOW WESTMINSTER will become a respite for citizens and an icon of the City and region for decades as viewers explore the riverside walk along Westminster Pier Park.”

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