Artist Residency Program 2014-2016
“I Have a Dream…”

In keeping with the 2014-2016 Vancouver Biennale curatorial theme Open Borders / Crossroads Vancouver, the artists represented multiple cultural backgrounds, political histories, and multiple artistic disciplines including sculpture, film, music, architecture, digital media and spoken word.

In 2014, the Vancouver Biennale hosted 22 residency artists from 12 different nations.
The following year, in 2015 residencies  included artists from 4 different nations (Syria, India, Canada, and Australia), and were hosted by the Vancouver Biennale’s partner Quest University in Squamish, BC.

The Residency Program was inspired by Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream”.

“ I have a dream that one day… we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood”

Vancouver Biennale International Pavilion – 2014 Focus on Brazil

As part of the 2014 – 2016 Vancouver Biennale, North Vancouver’s waterfront Pipefitters Building was reimagined as a cultural workshop with a focus on Brazilian contemporary art. Transforming the historic space into a community hub, the International Pavilion exhibited installations from Brazil’s most significant emerging artists. The Pavilion served as a gateway to showcase the Brazilian contemporary art scene with all its richness of contemporary thinking, universality and innovation in its creative processes.

More information about the pavilion can be found here.


International Residency Artists

Andreas Strauss – 2014 Residency ArtistAustriaBetsabeé Romero – CoordinatorMexicoFilé de Peixe – 2014 Residency ArtistsBrazilGisela Motta & Leandro Lima – 2014 Residency ArtistsBrazilHasan Hujairi – 2014 Residency ArtistBahrainHiraku Suzuki – 2014 Residency ArtistJapanJenna Tenn-Yuk – 2014 Residency ArtistCanadaJonathan Luckhurst – 2015 Residency ArtistCanadaJuliana Cerqueira Leite – 2014 Residency ArtistBrazilKaren Lofgren PortraitKaren Lofgren – 2014 Residency ArtistCanadaKen Lum – Residency CoordinatorCanadaKristin McIver – 2015 Residency ArtistAustraliaLu Lu & Tian XiaogengChinaMarcelo Moscheta – 2014 Residency ArtistBrazilMariana Manhães – 2014 Residency ArtistBrazilMiguel Horn & Chris Landau – 2014 Residency ArtistsUSA Nathalia García – 2014 Residency ArtistBrazilPaulo Climachauska – 2014 Residency ArtistBrazilPeter Liversidge – 2016 Residency ArtistEnglandRathin Barman – 2015 Residency ArtistIndiaRaul Mourão – 2014 Residency ArtistBrazilSahej Rahal & Pallavi Paul – 2014 Residency ArtistsIndiaSajan Mani – 2014 Residency ArtistIndiaSam Carter – CoordinatorCanadaSeung Woo Back – 2016 Residency ArtistKoreaShweta Bhattad – 2014 Residency ArtistIndiaSoo Sunny Park – 2014 Residency ArtistSouth Korea / USASumakshi Singh PortraitSumakshi Singh – 2014 Residency ArtistIndiaSumedh Rajendran PortraitSumedh Rajendran – 2014 Residency ArtistIndiaTammam AzzamTammam Azzam – 2015 Residency ArtistSyriaTim Davies – 2016 Residency ArtistWales Toni LatourToni Latour – CoordinatorCanadaTúlio Pinto – 2014 Residency ArtistBrazil