Jonathan Luckhurst – 2015 Residency Artist



Jonathan Luckhurst is a Canadian photographer and installation artist currently living in Edmonton, Alberta. His current work merges elements of art, design, science and sustainability into installations that reflect his interest in the future of our lived-in spaces 

Inspired by the Vancouver Biennale’s 2014 – 2016 exhibition theme Open Borders/Crossroads Vancouver, Luckhurst drew engagement and discussion by presenting three large-scale interventions. Working with the mediums of photography and projection, he translated geometric forms into large scale constructions that explored his interests in the perception of space, objects and environment.

Jonathan is the recipient of grants from the Canada Council for the Arts (ACDI), the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the Edmonton Arts Council.

In 2020, he was commissioned by the Art Gallery of Alberta to create an installation, ANIMAL ARCHITECTS, for the BMO World of Creativity Gallery.



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