The Vancouver Biennale has a proven track record for delivering:

  • The highest caliber of artistic merit and vibrancy
  • Exhibition sites in the most coveted high-exposure locations in Metro Vancouver
  • Consistent growth in audience engagement
  • Unprecedented media coverage locally, nationally and internationally

Unlike other “festival” or “exhibition” type events that have one big opening followed by a week or two of programing, the Vancouver Biennale is designed to have new artistic highlights every season over a 2-year period. This allows us to develop a breadth and depth in audience and media engagement, and provide unprecedented promotional opportunities for our sponsors to engage employees and customers in unique, interactive and memorable ways.

  • Brand placement opportunities with millions of impressions
  • Unique and memorable “can’t be bought” client entertainment opportunities
  • Employee engagement and reward opportunities
  • Co-marketing and sales opportunities

Contact us for more information at 604-682-1289 or [email protected]