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BIG IDEAS in School

Through an annual artist collaborator project grant, the program brought local professional artists to collaborate with teachers to foster creative and innovative learning. This project-based learning program took students outside their classroom and brought the community into their classroom. The program reached over 10,000 students from diverse socio-economic demographics in Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Richmond, Squamish, Surrey, Vancouver and West Vancouver. The 2018—2020 year introduced the program nation-wide to schools in both Ontario and Quebec through both our digital and sculptural platforms. 


BIG IDEAS in-School program integrated the Vancouver Biennale’s exhibitions with the British Columbia curriculum. Teachers were invited to submit a single classroom project or collaborate with other teachers/schools to develop a joint project. Project ideas could be drawn from BIG IDEAS Digital past BIG IDEAS in-School projects and curriculum unit plans covering inquiry topics such as environmental, cultural or historical perspectives, mathematical applications, global citizenship,language arts both oral and visual, and social change. 


2018—2020 Program Theme: re-IMAGE-n STEAM

Engaging with world-renowned international artists from the 2018—2020 season, launched in July 2018, four art works were newly introduced to the BC Educational landscape. Within this pedagogical foundation, we aimed to break barriers through not only STEAM but also by basing our programming on continual engagement, diverse learning processes, and inspiration drawn from global events and actions. 


BIG IDEAS = Science | Technology | Art | Engineering | Mathematics 


Our 2018-2020 Vancouver Biennale objective built community and transformed neighbourhoods as a catalyst for engagement and social action. The new exhibition themes helped to re-IMAGE-n our urban scape and successful submissions demonstrated the incorporation of interdisciplinary lessons using the enquiry learning process. This module included a field trip study (or BIG IDEAS Anywhere virtual tour) of Vancouver Biennale art installations that elicit meaningful connections to the topics being studied in the community. 


Program Features

  • Arts Inquiry fosters discovery and creative learning through Biennale public arts and architecture.
  • Arts Infusion facilitates expression in multiple art forms through artist-led workshops in schools.
  • Cross-Curricular drives integrated concepts that weave multiple subject areas together.
  • Socially Inclusive connects schools, grades K-12, not only in British Columbia, but also Canada-wide inclusive.
  • Community-based bring students beyond the classroom and invite bring urban environments in.
  • Online Resources provides exemplary multi-media instructional samples and project toolkit.

Plan Your Biennale Open Air Museum

The Vancouver Biennale Open Air Museum exhibition throughout the city represented international artists working in sculpture, video/film, architecture, new media, and photography. Below is a list of these urban interventions. We invite you to visit them on-site and/or access any through BIG IDEAS Anywhere online video virtual tour.