Learning Cases

BIG IDEAS Digital Learning Cases describe the what, how, and when of past projects of BIG IDEAS in-School. Project reflections from teachers, artists and learners are documented as evidence on how the unit of study open inquiry or create cross–curricular learning opportunity. Learners and teachers are asked to reflect on ways they have grown as a learner or professionally.

Current Learning Cases

2019 Changing Landscapes

A lesson plan that encompasses the indigenous culture of story telling as well as the displacement of local peoples with an emphasis on truth and reconciliation.  Discuss concepts such as renoviction and gentrification and how the city of Vancouver is dealing with these challenges. Is Vancouver the most liveable city after all?

2019 The Voice of Human Rights

Engage students in a discussion regarding the issues of Human Rights violations and advocacy within Canada and the global stage. Students will discuss the treatment of minorities and how this has left lasting positive and negative legacies in Canadian society, including residential schools.

2019 The Land is Our Home

A field trip that brings the importance of water for the sustenance of life to light to the forefront.  What is the relationship of humans to the environment?  Students investigate the use and wastage of water and how their actions impact our water resources.  How can we be better environmental stewards?