Curriculum Unit Plans

BIG IDEAS Digital Curriculum Unit Plans were developed based on the same educational principles as the ‘B.C’s new curriculum’. They are founded on a student inquiry, experiential learning model that focuses on developing the learners’ core curriculum and cross-curricular competencies.

Learning topics are framed in a guiding question, offer sample inquiry challenges, creation, taking action, reflection, and ideas for cross-curricular access. Explore these learning resources for project ideas on a diverse range of curriculum based learning topics covering the ecosystem, cultural diversity, mathematical applications or emotional wellness. Draw from the curriculum unit plans and learning cases from past projects and create your own plans for any grade. These unit plans provide sample inquiry approaches not detailed lesson plans. Most unit plans are paired with inspiring student art creations from BIG IDEAS in-School 2011 Visual Arts Exhibition Series.

Imagine the possibilities of changing from ‘teaching what to think’ to ‘teaching how to think’.