Thursday October 4th, 2018 Best of Vancouver – Best Surreal Setting for Art Patricia Piccinini's "Curious Imaginings" exhibition featured as The Georgia Straight's "Best Surreal Setting for Art" in its Best of Vancouver 2018 edition.   Learn more Tuesday September 25th, 2018 Art installation explores curious and complex relationship between humans and animals Hyperrealist installation Curious Imaginings is on display in a wing of the 105-year-old Patricia Hotel in Vancouver's Strathcona neighbourhood. Part of the Vancouver Biennale, some of the shocking yet fascinating sculptures of hybrid animals by Australian artist Patricia Piccinini include a humanoid beaver, a half-human/half-orangutan mother and a family of humanesque pigs.Piccinini says the sculptures say a lot about people's relationships to animals. "I think they're asking some very important questions like, what is our relationship to the nature that we're changing around us?" Piccinini told CBC's Margaret Gallagher.  Learn more Tuesday September 25th, 2018 Les curieuses créatures imaginées – ICI.Radio Canada A text by Richard ThériaultPatricia Piccinini and her team worked for more than 18 months on the preparation of her exhibition Curious Imaginings presented as part of the Vancouver Bienniale.The Australian artist has been creating hyper-realist characters for years, all of which have undergone transformations. A work she describes as a dialogue with the audience on the themes of identity and tolerance. Learn more Wednesday September 12th, 2018 In Curious Imaginings, Patricia Piccinini’s beautiful mutants engage unexpected empathy She’s a mutant and a mistake. She is an aberration—a creature who falls somewhere between orangutan and human, a misguided DNA experiment. And yet you can see the beauty in her. You’re drawn to this orange-haired creature, with her gentle brown eyes. Learn more Wednesday September 12th, 2018 ART SEEN: How Patricia Piccinini’s transgenic ‘homeless’ creatures came to Vancouver Patricia Piccinini's hyperrealistic animal-human sculptures have found temporary resting space in rooms on the second floor of the Patricia Hotel. The art exhibition is curated by Marcello Dantas from the Vancouver Biennale. Learn more Tuesday September 11th, 2018 Patricia Piccinini’s creepy and curiously lifelike sculptures make themselves at home in Vancouver Intriguingly creepy, faintly terrifying, and freakishly lifelike, Patricia Piccinini’s surrealist works have landed in Vancouver—and trust us: they must be seen to be believed. Presented by the Vancouver Biennale as part of its 2018–2020 programming, the celebrated Australian artist’s human-animal sculptures are part of an exhibit entitled Curious Imaginings at the Downtown Eastside’s Patricia Hotel that runs from Friday (September 14) to December 15. There, visitors may explore 18 of the 105-year-old inn’s rooms, the majority of which have become home to at least one of Piccinini’s wild, life-size figures—each crafted to provoke a range of emotions from the viewer while raising questions about emerging biotechnology and ethics in genetic engineering. Learn more Tuesday August 14th, 2018 Video by filmmaker Josephine Anderson: This monster-sized anvil is like a giant violin conch shell bringing you the sounds of the ocean Huge works of art are standard fare at the Vancouver Biennale — the exhibition regularly includes large-scale sculpture that confronts the audience in big ways. But this year, the giant anvil that's been dropped in its midst by artist Maskull Lasserre (who you may have bumped into beforeat CBC Arts) might seem a little incongruous with its surroundings...until you get closer.In this video by filmmaker Josephine Anderson, you'll meet Lasserre and his new work, Acoustic Anvil: A Small Weight to Forge the Sea, as he explains the thought process that went into its creation. Learn more Monday August 13th, 2018 How a chain-link mosque at the Vancouver Biennale became a community hub Saudi artist Ajlan Gharem's installation stands as an example of cultural exchange as diplomatic tensions break out between Canada and Saudi Arabia. Learn more Tuesday July 24th, 2018 大溫雙年展 掀議題 在我的國家,這是一項被禁止擺設的 藝術作品。藝術家 Ajlan Gharem 說,這項公共藝術 在英國倫敦、美國三藩市等地展出,獲得 許多好評,只有在沙特阿拉伯,擺放了一 天時間就撤離,就怕被攻擊報復!文/攝影:葉曉蓉 Learn more Friday July 20th, 2018 Alexander Square IS AWESOME: That’s why there’s a giant anvil in Leg-in-Boot Square Leg-in-Boot Square along the seawall in False Creek has an industrial history of forges and boat building. A new public art sculpture has been installed in honour of that past for the Vancouver Biennale. Calgary-born artist Maskull Lasserre’s Acoustic Anvil: A Small Weight to Forge the Sea references the massive tapered hulls of floating ships mirroring naval mooring bollards and hinting at a reddened upturned boot. Learn more