Thursday July 19th, 2018 Artist uncovers False Creek’s lost industrial history with Acoustic Anvil sculpture for Vancouver Biennale In a city that is forever turning over the glassy, high-rise buildings, the raw and rugged tools of the past are a stark reminder that urbanization is swift and constant. Tomorrow morning (July 19), the Vancouver Biennale (2018-2019) will install Squamish-based artist Maskull Laserre's sculpture Acoustic Anvil: A Small Weight to Forge the Sea in the Leg-In-Boot Square along Vancouver's False Creek seawall. Learn more Wednesday July 18th, 2018 Seven things to do in the Lower Mainland from July 20 to 26 The 2018-2020 Vancouver Biennale, titled re-IMAGE-n (reimagine), hosts a load of awesome programs ranging from Islamic art workshops to the CineFest LIVE film program. But what most of the public knows the event for are the large scale public artworks that are meant to inspire and introduce dialogue. Chilean-Canadian artist Alfredo Jaar’s digital sculpture titled A Logo for America reimagines a progressive social framework in place of what we presently experience. Learn more Tuesday July 17th, 2018 Ajlan Gharem gains global recognition for his thought-provoking work DENVER: Places of worship fill many roles in society — and an art installation in the shape of a mosque can invoke polarizing reactions in different lands, as Ajlan Gharem has discovered. On June 19, the Saudi Arabian artist traveled to Canada to present his life-sized conceptual piece “Paradise Has Many Gates” at the Vancouver Biennale. An interactive installation which renders the unmistakable outline of a mosque in a skeleton cage of cold steel, the work will stand at the city’s Vanier Park — a high-profile public space also home to many museums and music festivals — for two years, during which it will host workshops, talks and performances. Learn more Thursday July 12th, 2018 5 things you need to know about Alfredo Jaar’s A Logo for America at the Vancouver Biennale Look up, way up, at Robson and Granville Streets and you’ll see a digital billboard that doesn’t quite fit in with the logos and brand names that surround it. In the first frame of the animated installation, the words “This Is Not America” are superimposed over a map of the United States. In the next frame, the text “This is Not America’s Flag” runs over the stars and stripes; and then, in the last image, the single word “AMERICA” finds its “R” replaced by an image of the North and South American continents joined together. Learn more Tuesday July 10th, 2018 Saudi Art Installation calls for unity at Vancouver Biennale At a time where there is a massive immigration and refugee crises, this artwork invites us to look at how fences isolate people and thoughts. “The work calls on all of us Muslims and non-Muslims to view what traditionally divides people and find ways to unify human experiences,” Learn more Sunday July 8th, 2018 “Paradise Has Many Gates” Creating dialogue. In 2015, Ajlan Gharem drove an hour away from the city of Riyadh and into the vast Saudi Arabian desert. As a setting pink sun washed over the windswept sand, assembly on his latest art piece began: chain-link fences went up one by one, a golden plexiglass chandelier was hung, and a crimson red carpet was gently rolled out. Learn more Friday June 29th, 2018 Paradise by the Sunset Light Paradise Has Many Gates, a piece of art by Saudi Arabian artist Ajlan Gharem that is part of the Vancouver Biennale (2018-2020), is visited by people during an evening event at Vanier Park in Vancouver on Wednesday. Transparency, sacred space, community, asylum and perception are some of the topics explored through this installation. Learn more Thursday June 28th, 2018 PARADISE HAS MANY GATES Saudi Arabian artist Ajlan Gharem’s Paradise Has Many Gates launches the Vancouver Biennale. The structure architecturally echoes a traditional mosque though rendered in chain link, making it both airily transparent and ominously evocative of a cage. The dichotomy between form and material evokes the multifaceted conflicts of religious constraint and democratic freedom... Learn more Wednesday June 27th, 2018 “Paradise Has Many Gates” by Ajlan Gharem 溫哥華雙年展將藝術引入公共空間 沙特裔創作掀序幕 引發無限想像 Learn more Wednesday June 27th, 2018 Chain link mosque first installation for Vancouver Biennale 2018-2020 A transparent mosque by Saudi artist Ajlan Gharem is made out of the same material as a chain-link fence and is the first installation for the fourth Vancouver Biennale.Ajlan Gharem is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading contemporary artists... Learn more