Young Ambassadors




Their objective is to support the goals, initiatives, and mandate of the Vancouver Biennale; to advance the mission of the Vancouver Biennale, namely, to exhibit great art in public space and use art as a catalyst for learning, community engagement, dialogue, and social action where we live, work, play, and transit; to advocate actively for art in public space; to connect with other like-minded art enthusiasts; and to network with parallel young patrons/young ambassadors organizations (in Vancouver, across Canada, and throughout the world).

Kirsten Larsen

Kirsten Larsen is a BC born artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist who currently resides in Vancouver. Currently she represents both local and international visual artists. She is the artistic director and founder of Vancouver Art Attack, fundraising coordinator at Disability Alliance BC (DABC) and sits as co founder, secretary and co chair on the Vancouver Biennale Young Ambassadors board.

Jana Jordan

Jana Jordan is thrilled to be the ambassador of the Vancouver Biennale sculpture Engagement which is based in the Huntington Meadow, Sunset Beach Park in Vancouver. Jana comes from a background in administrative support, project coordination and event planning. She is a passionate volunteer who supports a variety of organizations and causes across Vancouver. As co-chair of the Vancouver Biennale Young Ambassadors, she is so excited for the launch of the 2018-2020 Vancouver Biennale fourth edition titled re-IMAGE-n.

Toby Bennett

The 2018-2020 Vancouver Biennale will create a lasting impact across the city. As a member of the VBYA, I am excited to see public art brought to unique locations throughout Vancouver. I am digital marketer by trade, with a focus on e-commerce.

Luiza Brenner

Luiza Brenner, originally from São Paulo, Brazil, is one of the founding members of the Vancouver Biennale Young Ambassadors and is responsible for its social media and communications. With an MA in Contemporary Art, she defines herself as an art-gluttonous. She works as a gallery manager, and content producer for the arts.

Kristoffer  Gurlesky

I’m excited to be a founding member of the Vancouver Biennale’s Young Ambassadors Board and currently serve as Treasurer. I’m usually described as an active, outdoorsy person with a wide variety of interests & hobbies (likely too many), which of course includes the arts. I’m also an accountant, amateur musician & photographer.

David Stein

As a founding member of the VB Young Ambassadors I am inspired by the thought provoking public art being introduced to our city. I am a designer and artist with a degree in Landscape Architecture working on a variety of public and private projects.