Water #10 – Richmond

Ren Jun, China


TitleWater #10
Artist: Ren Jun (b. 1961, China)
Medium: Steel
Dimensions (H x W x D): 16 x 1.95 x 1.2 m (52 ft 6 in x 6 ft 5 in x 4 ft)
Weight: 3,000 kg (6,614 lbs)
Location: At the corner of Cambie Road and River road, along the Middle Arm dyke greenway, in Richmond, British Columbia

Ren Jun made his North American debut at the 2009 – 2011 Vancouver Biennale exhibition, with this elegant, amorphic stainless-steel sculpture. Water #10,  installed at the entry to the 21st Winter Olympic Games river walk in Richmond, British Columbia, was created as a result of the artist’s inspiration from pure forms: liquid water or mercury stopped in motion to reveal its shape as a drop or spill caught in the air. Despite weighing over two tons, the sculpture has no angles or hard edges, giving it a free- flowing form and weightless, fluid appearance.
This artwork inspired Biennale Snapshots – A Composition In 5 Movements by Vivian Fung.


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