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As part of our mandate to bring great art to public spaces, the Vancouver Biennale has curated touring exhibitions that are hosted at venues throughout Canada and beyond. Our focus is to use art as a catalyst for learning, community engagement and social action, and to bring thought-provoking learning moments into every classroom. Teachers, parents and guardians who bring their young learners to experience the exhibition in person, are encouraged to refer to the corresponding teacher guides below. The learning cases are appropriate for students of all backgrounds and grades, and will provide a solid foundation for teachers, parents and guardians who visit Vancouver Biennale exhibitions, anywhere in the world.

Current Touring Exhibition Teacher's Guides

Weaving Cultural Identities National Tour 2020

Weaving Cultural Identities is phase one of a multipart project by the Vancouver Biennale that brings together Indigenous and Islamic communities in a collaborative exploration of weaving traditions and histories, thereby unpacking uneasy issues of belonging, displacement, diaspora, the land, and identity.

This exhibition features weaving collaborations between 10 Coast Salish Indigenous artists and 8 Muslim artists to create 10 woven prayer rugs. The project is a visual manifest of prominent, national dialogues surrounding the reconciliation of heritage, and the sharing and celebration of cultural knowledge, symbolism, and self-identification through textile traditions.

This teacher’s guide uses the foundations of weaving to explore K-12 cross-curricular connections in: Art Education, English Language arts, Mathematics, Science, Applied Design, Skills and Technology. There are additional chapters on exploring culture, identity and personal experiences, and spirituality through art

For more information on Vancouver Biennale touring exhibition dates and locations, contact our Touring Exhibitions Coordinator:

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