Betsabeé Romero – Coordinator



Betsabeé Romero participated as a group coordinator in the 2014 Residency Program.

Born in 1963 in Mexico City, where she continues to live and work, Betsabeé Romero studied Communications, Fine Arts, and Art History in Mexico and France. An internationally renowned artist, she has participated in numerous artist residencies and exhibitions in major institutions in Latin America, the United States, and Europe.

“An observer of human behavior, Betsabeé Romero breaks onto the contemporary art scene between memory and oblivion, rootedness and rootlessness, permanence and transience. Parameters enveloped in an aura of tracks that leave their imprint on the depths of urban life, its respective speed and culture of consumption, and amidst the migratory reality, violence and contradictions intrinsic to modernity. Prints made on recycled and engraved tires, on pneumatic strips, car hoods and even toy cars dressed up in cultural traits. Iconography made up of found objects, decontextualized and given new meaning.” Laura Pomerantz.

Betsabeé’s work has been presented at the Paris Photo Salon, the Armory Show (New York), the ARCO fair (Madrid, Spain), the Havana Biennial, the Porto Alegre Biennial, the Poly/Graphic Triennial (Puerto Rico), Philagrafika (Philadelphia), Au bord du Paysage (Farges, France), Art Grandeur Nature (La Courneuve, France), InSite 97 (San Diego‐Tijuana), Kohj (Bangalore, India), and others.

As a Residency Group Coordinator, Betsabeé facilitated the sharing of ideas and creativity amongst a group of young residency artists. During her time in Vancouver, Betsabeé also participated in the Big Print Project realized on Granville Island, where she designed an 8 by 4-foot woodblock print inspired by the Vancouver Biennale’s theme of Open Borders/Crossroads Vancouver.

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