Sumedh Rajendran – 2014 Residency Artist



Sumedh Rajendran’s works hint at the wider context of human experience while engaging with the possibilities of sculptural experimentation. His earlier series had critically examined the predicament of migrations, displacements, angst, discrimination, and arguments between different layers and structures. He juxtaposes the contradictions, contrary values and a social apathy towards it where for example he addresses the sacred and profane on the same level using ceramic tiles and leather. Sumedh uses industrial materials such as tin sheets, cans, rubber, cement concrete steel etc while giving them an aesthetic value/reading. An uneasy interface of his composite imagery, surfaces and structures generates meanings with its references to the social and political situations: the accentuated contours of animals, mutilated bodies, etc. The process of constant negotiations with the circumstances and the situational contrasts keep recurring in his works.

Sumedh Rajendran, born in 1972, completed his BFA from College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum, Kerala in 1994 and MFA from Delhi College Of Art in 1999.


For his Vancouver Biennale Residency, Sumedh worked at Dunbar Community Centre, where he created his installation The Other Side.

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