Lu Lu & Tian Xiaogeng



Lu Lu  and  Tian Xiaogeng are the founders of Helin Art in Community, an Art NGO in China that promotes the concept of sustainable communities in the way of exploring natural art. It’s mision is to is to re-establish the relationships between human, nature and local culture.

Lu Lu

Master of Theater at London University and Bachelor of Chinese in Fudan University. Practitioner of Physical Theater. Performance Advisor of the Opening of the CUMULUS International Art Design College League Conference 2010. Commissioned by Taiwan Asian Theater New Wave Festival as one of the directors. Having worked as script translator and assistant director in Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center, project coordinator at Shanghai Duolun Art Museum and Shanghai Mecooon.

Tian Xiaogeng

Bachelor of Art Design in Design and Creation College of Tongji University. Major in Multimedia, research course on applied environmental multimedia. Part of the college research and development project by Microsoft SAP. Part of the creation team of the Opening Performance of CUMULUS International Art Design College League Conference 2010. Passionate on art and traditional culture. Volunteer of Helin from Sep. 2010 and member of its environment performance. Fulltime Staff of Helin from Dec.2 010, event planning and execution.


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