Filé de Peixe – 2014 Residency Artists



Filé de Peixe is an artist collective that was formed by Alex Topini, Fabricio Cavalcanti, and Fernanda Antoun in Rio de Janeiro in 2006. Their interest in economic art-capital policy fuels their exploration of the reception and circulation of art as a product, the relationship between art and life, art object and product, consumption and collection. The group’s urban interventions are based on audiovisual and artistic occupation of non-conventional public spaces.

In 2009, Filé de Peixe began to develop the project called PIRATÃO.  Intrigued by commercialization, they were curious about prices following the same format of informal Brazilian markets, where workers called Camelôs sell products on a single table and shout out to the streets to attract buyers. The collective commercialized more than 6,000 art videos (“product”), spanning the classics to contemporary genres, by international and local artists. Touring in Brazil’s main regional capitals, this project made a strong presence on the contemporary art scene.

During their Vancouver Biennale residency in 2014, Filé de Peixe connected with emerging and established artists from Vancouver, Victoria, Duncan, Salt Spring Island, Burnaby, Surrey, North Vancouver, and Langley.


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