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Fletcher Benton, a senior member of what is now defined as constructivist sculpture, has become recognized as one of the most respected sculptors of the post-war American era. He is best known for his massive and precisely crafted geometric metal sculptures that combine welded circles, spheres, cylinders, cubes, and squares balanced in space. Using materials representative of heavy industry and in size and volume compatible with America’s position in the world, Benton’s sculpture has a finesse, sophistication and elegance not often associated with the medium.

Benton’s militantly rigid form embodies these qualities, dominating and commanding its space and surroundings, demanding the viewer takes notice. The simplicity of each clustered shape also abstractly reveals forms of nature, geometry and human activity.

Benton, age 79, is a native of California and has received numerous awards and accolades. His work is represented throughout the United States and Europe, including solo and group exhibitions
in New York, Chicago, Wiesbaden, Germany, Los Angeles, and Aarhus, Denmark. Benton makes his Canadian debut with the 2009 – 2011 Vancouver Biennale.


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