From India and Brazil to Vancouver at Make Studio

Exhibition Opening Reception

Date & Time

Date: Saturday, September 20
12:00pm – 5:00pm (Vancouver Design Week)
2:00pm – Artist talk by File de Peixe
12:00pm – 5:00pm – Performance by Sajan Mani

Join the VANCOUVER BIENNALE at Make Studio for the opening reception From India and Brazil to Vancouver.


This event will include an artist talk by the Brazilian Collective Filé de Peixe on their work CM2 CONTEMPORARY ART and a 5-hour performance by Indian artist Sajan Mani.  These breakthrough international artists are participating in the Vancouver Biennale International Residency Program and are addressing this year’s theme: Open Borders / Crossroads Vancouver. They are also reflecting on Martin Luther King’s Speech, I Have a Dream.

Filé de Peixe will be presenting their project CM2 for the first time in Canada.  The project consists of a purchased collection of over 90 works by contemporary international artists, including highly acclaimed Brazilians Cildo Meireles, Ernesto Neto, and Anna Bella Geiger. During their residency, the collective has visited and acquired the works of over 20 emerging and established artists from BC. The politics and economics of the art market are highlighted in this ongoing project.

Sajan Mani’s performance Potlatch by an ‘Indian’! deals with aspects of identity, discrimination, physical borders and the politics of space. Sajan will perform for an extended period of time, pushing boundaries of physical and mental endurance as his body becomes a socio-political metaphor.



Alex Topini- Coletivo Filé de Peixe
Fabricio Cavalcanti- Coletivo Filé de Peixe
Fernanda Antoun- Coletivo Filé de Peixe
Sajan Mani


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