Vik Muniz in Squamish

Open Air Artist Reception & CineFest LIVE Film Screening

From July 21st to August 8th, Vik Muniz and his team will be in Squamish working with First Nations groups and the local community to create a grand-scale land mosaic that incorporates local natural materials and imagery into a portrait of a Squamish resident so large that it must be viewed from an elevated platform. In celebration of his Vancouver Biennale project, join us on Monday, July 21 for a screening of the Academy-Award nominated Waste Land featuring Vik Muniz. See how Muniz transforms unconventional materials into art and participate in a rare chance to join him in conversation!

Date: Monday, July 21

Location: Totem Hall, Squamish

Time:  6:45 PM Appetizers prepared graciously by Squamish Nation

7:00 PM Waste Land Screening

9:00 PM Q&A with Vik Muniz
This is a FREE event


About Waste Land

Waste Land, the Sundance Film Festival winner and Academy Award-nominated documentary chronicles Muniz’s work at a Brazilian junkyard located in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. Working from photographs of the impoverished local garbage-pickers, Muniz creates grand scale mosaic portraits by repurposing junkyard scraps. His collaboration with the pickers reveals their essential dignity and humanity through art.

Praise for Waste Land:

“One man’s garbage is another man’s art. That’s the lesson in fascinating documentary Waste Land.” – New York Post

“A joy to watch despite the abject poverty it contains, WASTE LAND transcends the artist-doc format and has a broad emotional appeal that should ensure a warm reaction from theatrical audiences.” – The Hollywood Reporter