The Vancouver Biennale introduces its fourth edition, titled “re-IMAGE-n,” inviting artists at pivotal moments in their careers to respond to the prevailing issues of our time and to do so in frequently unforeseen public spaces in unanticipated ways. The objective will be to capture the viewers’ attention while transforming and reimagining public space and creating more engaged communities and neighbourhoods.

Over the next several months the results of the Vancouver Biennale’s “re-IMAGE-n“-ings will become evident, beginning with the unveiling of the new BIENNALE CENTRE, our 2019 international Artists-in-Residence program, and projects and installations exploring 3D, digital media, performance, sound, word, and video. With enthusiastic support from the Biennale’s curators and multiple community partners, we will continue to interact with the public via community-engagement events. Although we have always focused on community and using art in public places to create gathering places in diverse neighbourhoods, dialogue amongst locals and tourists, and educational curriculum for learners of all ages, be prepared to be surprised and unexpectedly engaged as we intervene in spaces often unseen and unnoticed!

So tune up your bicycle, get your walking shoes ready, put aside your pocket change for a Compass Card transit pass, and “re-IMAGE-n” with us.

Visit our press release and events page frequently for more information on upcoming installations and Open Air Museum events. A list of participating curators can also be found on our Curatorial Team page.