Artist Residency Program

The Vancouver Biennale’s Residency Program supports the professional development of emerging artists with an unprecedented opportunity for a cultural exchange between nations and artistic disciplines. Young artists of merit are invited to participate in a small cross-cultural,  multidisciplinary groups to create social interventions inspired by their residency and in response to the exhibition theme.  In keeping with the 2014-2016 curatorial theme Open Borders / Crossroads Vancouver, the artists represent multiple cultural backgrounds, political histories, and multiple artistic disciplines including sculpture, film, music, architecture, digital media and spoken word.


Each resident artist will lead public talks and public workshops through an alliance of local artist studios, local galleries and local arts organizations to engage a large local audience in each event. The learning, development and networking opportunities to our local arts community are immense and the richness of experience and diversity of dialogue will be exceptional in our city.


In 2014, the Vancouver Biennale hosted 22 residency artists from 12 different nations.
2015 residencies   included artists from 4 different nations (Syria, India, Canada, and Australia), and were hosted by the Vancouver Biennale’s partner Quest University in Squamish.


The Residency Program is inspired by Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream”.

“ I have a dream that one day… we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood”