Marc Johnson



Marc Johnson (born 1986, France-Benin) is a multi-award-winning filmmaker, a visual artist, and an architect, whose work is an ongoing investigation into the haunted landscapes of the Anthropocene, the Posthuman, multi-species sociability, and entanglements as well as the art of storytelling, among other schemes. To address those theories, Marc engages with a variety of strategies such as collaboration, research, fieldwork, writing, lecturing, filmmaking, installation, and photography.
Marc’s work has recently been presented in numerous solo and collective exhibitions: Sundance Film Festival 2018; Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti-Shrem Museum of Art 2017; 5th Moscow Biennale of Young Art, 2017; Sundance Film Festival 2016; La Maréchalerie 2016; Zentrum für Medienkunst, Halle 2016; CNEAI= 2015; Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume 2014; Arc en Rêve Centre d’Architecture 2016; 65th Berlin International film festival 2015; and Ricard Foundation, 2009.
He has been awarded Honorable Mention for Best Experimental Short Film from the 10th Annual Milwaukee Film Festival in the United States (2018), the Cornish Family Prize for Art and Design Publishing from the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne in Australia (2017), the Best Short Film Award from the International Film Festival de Gran Canaria in Spain (2016), the Third Prize in the experimental section in the Athens Film + Video festival in the United States (2015), and the LVMH Young Artist Award (2009).


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