Konstantin Dimopoulos



Konstantin Dimopoulos is an artist and sculptor whose artwork is based on a humanist philosophy. Dimopoulos’s multidisciplinary art practice incorporates sculpture, installation, performance, painting, printing, and drawing in the creation of monumental imagery, social and environmental interventions, and conceptual proposals that argue the potential of “art” as a means of social engagement and change.

His social art installations lend voice to global issues around social justice and the environment, specifically deforestation. He focuses on creating art with “a visual platform to effect change.” Placing his sculptures with organic forms in developed urban environments, he draws attention to the processes of transformation and change.

Dimopoulos graduated from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, with a degree in sociology and psychology. He later went on to study art at the Chelsea School of Art in London. His signature linear sculptures are a part of public spaces and private collections in Australia, the United States, Europe, and New Zealand.

He has been nominated for many international awards throughout his career, in recognition of his artistic achievements and for his focus on sustainability and environmental issues.