Marie Khouri (Canada/France)


ARTIST: Marie Khouri
MEDIUM: Cast resin
DIMENSIONS: Consisting of five pieces, each piece measures 52 h x 52 w cms, with an overall length 343.22 cms.
WEIGHT: Total weight is approximately 45 kgs
LOCATION: Blusson Spinal Cord Centre lobby

Marie Khouri relays messages of movement, community, and connection through her artworks. Khouri’s work resides at the often-tenuous place between art and design, with close integration of form and function. Beautiful and inviting, Khouri works alongside developers, architects, and other community stakeholders to create sculptures that are truly reflective of the community they serve.

Drawing its inspiration from the lower vertebrae of the human spine and its central role in the movement of the head and body, the L5 sculpture is made up of five independent yet corresponding units which double as functional seating elements. It’s located in the lobby of the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre.


About The Blusson Spinal Cord Centre

The Blusson Spinal Cord Centre is the world’s largest, most advanced and most comprehensive facility completely dedicated to the pursuit of spine and spinal cord research and patient care. Opened in 2008, the Blusson Centre is one of the world’s most accessible buildings, starting from the ground up. For more information visit https://vancouverspinesurgery.com/blusson-spinal-cord-centre/