Soo Sunny Park, South Korea


Title: Untitled
Artist: Soo Sunny Park (b.1975, South Korea)
Medium: Fabric and mylar
Dimensions (H x W): 243 x 122 cm (96 x 48 in)
Weight: Not Available
Location: Exhibited at Vancouver’s Sunset Community Centre in 2014

During her time in Vancouver, Soo Sunny Park conducted several workshops with children and youth at the Sunset Community Centre, where she created this mirror-reflected installation made of translucent fabric and mylar. She also participated in the Big Print Project realized on Granville Island, where she designed a 121 x 242-cm (48 x 96-inch) wooden block inspired by the Vancouver Biennale’s 2014 – 2016 theme of “Open Borders / Crossroads Vancouver.”