John Clement, USA


Artist: John Clement (b. 1969, United States)
Medium: Painted tubular steel
Dimensions (H x W x D):  366 x 305 x 259 cm (144 x 120 x 102 in)
Weight: 272 kg (600 lbs)
Location: Robson Street and Jervis Street in Vancouver

Jasper is a whimsical sculpture by Brooklyn-based artist John Clement. His trademark steel spirals with bold primary colours invite children to touch and play. The turns and loops of Jasper challenge the inherent properties of rigid tubular steel and the result is an implied movement with the sense of twisting right out of the ground. This sculpture is a Legacy Artwork from the 2005-2007 Vancouver Biennale.

“Each work is informed by the lineage of pieces, mine as well as others, that came before. All I can ask is that my process continues, further expanding my understanding of my own voice, and of the simplicity and beauty that lie in the three-dimensional composition of line and form that is sculpture.” –  John Clement


John Clement Interview by The Packer Collegiate Institute