Public Furniture | Urban Trees – École Les Aiglons

Hugo França, Brazil


Title: Public Furniture | Urban Trees – École les Aiglons
Artist: Hugo França (b. 1954, Brazil)
Medium: Wood, locally sourced and salvaged
Dimensions (H x W x D): three works — 117 x 114 x 185 cm (46 x 45 x 73 in), 208 x 218 x 478 cm (82 x 86 x 188 in)
Weight: Variable
Location: École Les Aiglons (1150 Carson Place), Squamish, British Columbia

In Public Furniture | Urban Trees – Squamish, Hugo França transforms the trunks and roots of condemned trees and trees that have washed ashore into sculptural artwork and furniture for the benefit of Squamish.

França’s process of working respects the natural features of the wood, promoting minimum waste. It also brings to light the beauty of the natural organic forms, lines, holes, and cracks of the trees. Their memory remains alive with their uniqueness, being offered back to live together with people in a harmonious display.

These three artworks are part of the seven created by França in Squamish. This project would not have been possible without the overwhelming support of the local community and sponsors. All the wood used was recycled and locally sourced from the Squamish area. The 2014 – 2016 Vancouver Biennale and Hugo França are pleased to donate these artworks to École les Aiglons to create a permanent Legacy of Public Art in the community.