Sunzen Art Gallery Exhibition

Gallery Exhibition

Date & Time

July 30th, 2021 – September 21st, 2021

Monday to Friday: 10 am – 6 pm
Saturdays: 11am – 6pm
Closed Sundays.



7. 30 2021 ~ 9.21 2021
周一到周五:10:00am – 6:00pm
周六:11:00am – 6:00pm

About the Exhibition

Sunzen Art Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition, Allegory – the Storytelling of Chen Wenling, from Jul. 30th to Sep. 21.


Chen Wenling’s artistic practices center around social changes brought by the rapid development and industrialization of China. Through his incredibly creative and imaginative lenses, he expressed in-depth reflection on issues such as reality, secularity, and consumerism. Through the appropriation of Chinese folktales and allegories, he creates an attentive and alluring narrative that conveys the philosophy of symbiosis. The indoor exhibition, Allegory, is in collaboration with the Vancouver Biennale, and marks the artist’s first exposure to Canada.


Featuring 11 pieces of Chen Wenling’s sculptures from his most well-known, the Red Memories series, this exhibition unfolds the complex questions brought by commercialism, materialism, and the excessive consumption of the environment.




Sunzen Art Gallery
420 Howe St., Vancouver BC
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SUNZEN Art Gallery (温哥华三生缘)



在象征着工业革命巨大成功的物质——不锈钢的包围中,一个瘦削的男孩以耀眼的红色和率真的微笑脱颖而出。他在山石上攀爬、头顶圆球杂耍、挑战着倒立…… 这些简单的游戏在孩子眼中充满了乐趣。这个瘦小的男孩是陈文令童年的缩影,尽管物质极度贫乏,却总能乐观面对艰难的生活,甚至忘记了饥饿和寒冷。陈文令以隐喻和象征意象来讨论快速发展带来的物质主义、扩张的欲望和环境问题,通过借用中国民间故事和寓言,创造了一个细腻而极富吸引力的叙事,传达着共生的哲思。他用猪、牛、蘑菇等物像作为贪婪的象征,以及人类对财富和长寿的渴望,而瘦小的男孩则是我们内心天真孩童的代表,简单、快乐和无所畏惧,守护着我们对和平、共生与和谐的渴望。


本次于三生缘举办的陈文令雕塑展览,“寓言——陈文令的故事” 将呈现艺术家最有影响力的作品系列——红色记忆,旨在与观者讨论商业主义、物质主义以及人类对环境的过度消费所带来的一系列复杂问题。




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