Art Tours

Whether you hop on a bike, lace up your sneakers or blades, or jump on your board, nothing gets better than exploring great art in the world’s most beautiful city. The kids, Rover, and your physically distanced pals will all have a good time!

  1. Take your cell phone.
  2. Click on our custom Google maps below, let it guide your way throughout the tour.
  3. Read about the sculptures and artists as you go.

Want more? Join us for the BIKEnnale/WALKennale Virtual Event July 26-August 30th, 2020.



On bicycle or with your own two feet, discover distinct and unique neighborhoods through exclusive GPS tours highlighting historical, cultural, and architectural wonders anchored by Vancouver Biennale public art installations across the city.  Click here to sign up once for $5, and gain access to weekly routes and $6000 in prizes all summer long.