Bing Bu



Bu, born in 1973 in Yangzhou China, is an architect and artist based in Shanghai. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degree of architecture from Tsinghua University and Yale University respectively. He joined MADA s.p.a.m. in 2000, and established One Design in 2003.

Bing Bu’s works include the LVG Office Complex at Shanghai, the Wulongtan Resort at Ningbo, urban design for Pudong Waterfront, art installation Cloud Room and Green Vandalism. His works were shown in exhibitions including “Landscape in Mind” Kennedy Center Washington DC 2011, Chengdu Biennale 2011, “Flourishing & Flowing” Contemporary Art Exhibition across the Strait Beijing/Taichung 2011, Utopia2 at CIVA Brussels 2008, Shenzhen/Hong Kong Biennale 2007, and Shanghai Biennale 2002. He also curated architecture and design exhibitions including “Spectacle -12 presentations of contemporary museum architecture in China” at PSA Shanghai 2013, “Un-natural” at BCA Beijing 2009, “Ningbo, the Metamorphosis of a Chinese City” at Berlin Aedes 2003, and “Tumu@home” Shanghai 2002.