Dawn Livera & Adrienne Neufeld



Dawn Livera is a textile and mixed media artist who believes that “there are no mistakes”. She was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, spent her childhood in London, England and her adolescence in Kelowna, BC, Canada. She has lived in Vancouver, Canada her whole adult life. Dawn Livera believes that making art should not be the private domain of the “talented” or “learned” few. Rather, everyone should feel free to explore their own creativity without worrying about whether their art is “good enough”.

Adrienne Neufeld is a visual artist since her youth. As a young artist, she is already an accomplished weaver, sculptor and textile designer. Adrienne Neufeld was born in Vancouver and has lived her whole life in the same house, but she has a global legacy. Her mother, Dawn Livera, was born in Sri Lanka and lived in the UK before coming to Canada. Her father, like Neufeld, was born in Vancouver, but his parents were born in Eastern Europe and lived in South America before arriving in Canada. Adrienne Neufeld has a particular interest in religious art beyond the confines of her Mennonite and Catholic family background.