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“…there is sophistication to the precise approach to building work that will continue to engage the engineer/architect part of my creative energies. However, the opportunity of working with my hands directly on the solid steel satisfies my fascination with the juxtaposition between the material, the process and the human hand….” – John Henry

John Henry, one of America’s most important and influential contemporary sculptors, was instrumental in a movement (constructivism) that dramatically changed the face of public art. Fascinated by the public interaction with art, Henry once stated that “…the most positive impacts art has on culture and citizens is when it is most easily accessible to the public at large ….”. In a career spanning almost four decades John Henry has received numerous accolades, the most recent when the City of Chicago, North America’s pre-eminent public sculpture city, named a street in his honour (John Henry Way). Some museum collection highlights include the British Museum, London, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, the Smithsonian Institute and the Library of Congress, Washington, DC, the Soonje Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyongju City, Korea and others in the USA, China, Germany, and France.


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