Michelle Nahanee



Michelle Nahanee is a critical Indigenous scholar with 20+ years of professional experience in graphic design and communications.

She melds technology and tradition to change opinions, build relationships and increase understanding. Her clients are First Nations, NGOs, corporations and government departments. She is a Squamish Nation member from the village of Eslh.7an. Michelle Nahanee recently completed a Master of Arts in Communication from Simon Fraser University where she wrote “Decolonizing Identity: Indian Girl to Sḵwx̱w.7mesh Matriarch.” She concluded her research with a call to dismantle academic barriers to decolonizing practices. She is also the designer of a life-size board game and workshop called S.nulhkay and Ladders that promotes the Squamish practice of Chen chen stway (holding each other up) while working through neocolonial scenarios of oppression.