Ruth Scheuing & Mary Lou Trinkwon



As an artist, educator and writer, Ruth Scheuing explores how artists communicate through textile patterns, language and stories.

Relationships between nature and technologies, via computer assisted Jacquard weaving, Cyborgs and GPS tracking, represent some of her main current interests. Mary Lou Trinkwon’s interest in making textile art extends across disciplines, combining both weaving and surface design, into research and studio exploration. Her creative process revolves around concepts of nostalgia as a historical specter of culture and identity.

Scheuing and Trinkwon currently operate TAD (Textile Arts Department) both teaching and conducting projects using an AVL Jacquard loom at Makerlabs in Strathcona Vancouver. Both artists taught in the Textile Arts Program at Capilano University (Scheuing from 1992-2015 and Trinkwon in 2000-2015), have been exhibited across BC, and are recipients of the Vancouver Mayor’s Crafts Award.