Robyn Sparrow



Robyn Sparrow was born and raised in the Musqueam Nation; she is a self-taught Master Weaver.

At an early age, Sparrow felt a need to find out who she was spiritually, who her ancestors were, and the history of her people. She decided to follow the path of arts and textiles and found herself inspired to learn and carry on the tradition of Coast Salish weaving. Robyn Sparrow and her two sisters, Debra Sparrow and Wendy Grant, revived the art of weaving in 1980 by speaking to their elders and researching; they continue to work together and independently. The artist and her sisters have formed a group of Musqueam weavers and pass on their traditions and knowledge to future generations. This path she continues down helps her express herself as a First Nation’s woman through weaving and art. Sparrow strives to push the boundaries of traditional Coast Salish weaving while staying in the realm of understanding. Sparrow’s work has been and continues to be exhibited across British Columbia in a number of venues, shows, and public projects.