Rules For Vancouver

Peter Liversidge, England


Title: Rules for Vancouver
Artist: Peter Liversidge (b. 1973, United Kingdom)
Medium: 1 digital print and the worldwide web
Dimensions (H x W): 173 x 120 cm (68.25 x 47.25 in)
Vancouver – 10 transit-shelter locations displayed from March 21 to May 1


Created by British artist Peter Liversidge, during his International Artist Residency in 2014, Peter explored the city for inspiration, and created 60 proposals for artworks. Proposal # 49: I propose to write a set of Rules for Vancouver  is one of the artworks on display at 10 transit shelters across Vancouver.

The 60 proposals range from practical to hypothetical, amusing and sometimes absurd and fantastical. Some of these proposals materialize as events, artworks or performances, while others will continue to exist solely on paper and as ideas in the viewer’s imagination. The 17 Rules for Vancouver Liversidge created are conceptual in nature, challenging and playing with the definitions of art, while also inviting viewers to participate and respond.  Complete with typographical errors, Liversidge drafted Rules for Vancouver on an analog Olivetti typewriter.

Liversidge creates  proposals in response to the experience of a place, during his artist residency he devoted his time exploring and discovering Vancouver to incorporate local elements into his proposal series. By placing 17 rules directly among commuting traffic, Liversidge is involving the audience and inviting people to interact, imagine or to activate one of his rules, any way they like!

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Artwork Locations

Bute Street & Davie Street

West Pender Street & Carrall Street

Commercial Drive & Adanac Street

Nootka Street & East 29th Avenue

Rupert Street & East Broadway

Slocan Street & Kingsway 

Tyne Street & East 49th Avenue

Victoria Drive & Upland Drive

West 4th Avenue & Highbury Street

West 10th Avenue & Sasamat Street