Sand Drawing

Jim Denevan USA


Jim Denevan’s earth drawings transcend the boundaries of scale, emphasizing the ethereal, fragility and fluidity of life and nature where nothing is constant but always in a state of renewal.

Denevan’s drawings are part of the largest freehand drawings
in the world and his recent art making has extended to include pristine open spaces of earth from the snow fields of Siberia to the dry lake beds of Nevada to his most recent sand drawing on the beaches of Spanish Banks, Vancouver.

On the 23rd of June 2010, Jim Denevan created his free-hand drawing at Spanish Banks with the help of 15 Vancouver Biennale volunteers. Work on the drawing began at 9.00am; the work
was photographed from a helicopter at 12.15pm and was washed away by the high tide by 2.00pm. Sand Drawings was the most temporary of all the Biennale installations and was the first time a drawing of this sort had been done in Canada.