Skin of Time

Choi Tae Hoon, Korea


The sculpture Skin of Time was created specifically for the Vancouver Biennale and consists of a series of several hundred welded, steel mesh plates forming the shape of a wide barren tree with severed limbs.

This sculpture represents aspects of the artist’s life and has messages and important mementoes relating personally to his life experiences, embedded in the skin of the tree. These personal marks and symbols, punctured with tiny holes, can only be seen when the sun sets and the lights inside the tree shine like stars in the night sky.

In Korean culture trees represents many things and play a major role in the psyche of the nation. There is the Shinsu, sacred tree, the tree
of life, the tree at the centre of the world, the tree of death and revival, the tree of female essence and male productivity, the tree of wisdom, the tree of sacrifice, and the tree of history and tradition. As well, During April of each year, Korea celebrates a national holiday, Tree Planting Day, when Korean’s traditionally plant trees.