Skyward Oaks

Emilie Brzezinski, Czech Republic/USA


Skyward Oaks is a four-piece composition that has the potential to be cast individually in bronze. The actual wood works are not for sale.

“I consider my tree forms to be metaphors of humanity and its struggle for survival.” Emilie Brzezinski, Washington Times 2005

Skyward Oaks is a twisting, torquing, gouged out group composition evocatively resembling gargantuan human torsos. The sculpture has been made from trees that are slated to be cut, dying trees, or trees felled by hurricanes, storms or foresters. Brzezinski has scavenged these natural materials reworking them into ‘vertical wedges,’ following natural twists, turns and growth patterns, with axes, chainsaws, chisels, chains and ropes. These torque-like movements of the trees affect an almost infinite variety of expressions. At 73, Brzezinski often shows her own marks on the woods—emphasizing the individual uniqueness of each tree in the installation.