Voxel Bridge

Jessica Angel (USA/Colombia)


Title: Voxel Bridge 
Artist: Jessica Angel (b. 1980, Colombia)
Medium: Vinyl, Augmented Reality
Exhibition Period: Summer 2021 – 2023
Location: Underneath Cambie Street Bridge South in Vancouver

Voxel Bridge is an 18,000-square-foot immersive installation by New York-based, Colombian artist Jessica Angel. The artwork explores how public space can be constructed and utilized in both digital and physical realities. Using adhesive vinyl and Augmented Reality technology, Angel will transform the Cambie Street Bridge in Vancouver and draw visual parallels between blockchain technology and the structural integrity of the underpass in front of the Southeast False Creek Neighborhood Energy Utility (NEU). This installation will become a point of contact and dialogue around different forms of knowledge.

The ideas that inspired this artwork were discussed at #ArtProject2020, an art and technology expo held from November 11 to 15, 2020. The expo was the first of many activations based on this installation. 

Voxel Bridge will be a gathering hub for innovators in the fields of sustainability, Augmented Reality, and digital art in public space. Vancouver Biennale invites all artists, creators, and experience designers whose ethos is aligned with the concepts of experimentation, community, integration, and decentralization to activate the space.