Jessica Angel

Colombia/United States of America


The visionary behind Voxel Bridge is Colombian artist Jessica Angel, an alumna of the Vancouver Biennale’s Artist Residency Program in 2018 and 2019. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Angel has taken an early leading role in the art and blockchain movement, inspiring, advocating, and educating artists, developers, and technology enthusiasts to embrace leading-edge blockchain technologies to create and fund ambitious art projects.

Jessica curated #ArtProject2020, a 5-day virtual conference presented through the Vancouver Biennale in the context of this project that gathered the leading minds in the NFT space. Her notable participation in the bridging between the art and blockchain ecosystems has led her to bring projects like Kusama Network, Status, Maker Foundation, the Foundation for Art and Blockchain, Spheroid Universe, and hexeosis amongst others to contribute to this initiative. Angel’s immersive installations that present a physical experience of the virtual world have been showcased across the Americas.

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