#ArtProject2020: Vancouver Biennale Art and Technology Expo

Join Us For #ArtProject2020
November 11 – 15


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From November 11th to 15th, the Vancouver Biennale will host #ArtProject2020, a virtual art and technology expo exploring digital art and the newest technologies shifting the art world. This event is free to attend and those without previous exposure to the field will benefit most – everyone is welcome. #ArtProject2020 will be the Vancouver Biennale’s first display of tokenized art, which is powered by blockchain technology and has redefined digital artwork ownership. This fun-filled, educational, hands-on expo will feature panel discussions, workshops, and gamified activities including a crypt-puzzle, digital art battle live, and virtual gallery tours. To reserve a spot and see the complete speaker list and schedule, visit www.artproject.io. Trilingual programming in English, Spanish, and Chinese will be available.


While the expo will be exclusively online and open to a global audience, it is anchored by a future physical installation by New York based Colombian artist Jessica Angel. Cleverly titled Voxel Bridge, this public artwork will transform the area underneath Vancouver’s Cambie Street Bridge into an immersive experience to transport visitors between physical and digital worlds. The installation will take place in Spring 2021, pending official health advisories. In the meantime, #ArtProject2020 will be a unique opportunity to preview and engage with key ideas that inspired Angel’s vision to build a digital port at the centre of Vancouver.


Learn more at artproject.io.