BC Arts Budget Cut by 40%: Culture Minister Says Public is 'Unconcerned'

Tuesday July 14th, 2009

goulet1Plank Magazine has published a report based on an Alliance for Arts and Culture press release noting that the government plans to reduce funding for the Arts Council by 40% over the next two years.

“The impact to the province will be devastating,” said Amir Ali Alibhai, the Executive Director of the Alliance for Arts & Culture. “The BC Arts Council supports a sector that employs 80,000 people and generates $5.2-billion annually. It is bigger than the forestry and fishing industries combined. At a time when the government is doing everything they can to create and retain jobs, why are they implementing measures that will trigger layoffs and cause organizations to reduce programming?

More amazing is new Culture and Tourism Minister, Kevin Krueger‘s thoughts on the matter, “I am not hearing complaints at all from the arts and cultural community,” he said. “I think people are pretty happy with what we’ve done.”

If you’re interested in letting Kevin Krueger or your local MLA know what you think about local arts funding cuts here’s a few resources to help you.

You can check out Kevin Krueger’s website here.  You can email Kevin here -> [email protected].  And you can look up the contact details for your local MLA here.

Please send a message to Mr Krueger and let your voice be heard.

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