Choi Tae Hoon's Skin of Time Installed at Harbour Green

Wednesday January 20th, 2010
Skin of Time 01

Skin of Time installation at Harbour Green. Photo by Dan Fairchild.

Skin of Time

Steel mesh, LED, digital media

Created by Choi Tae Hoon (Korea)

The tree represents many things in Korean culture.

Aspects of the artist’s life are reflected in the night light via messages and important mementoes embedded into the metal bark of the tree. One of Korea’s most progressive sculptors, Tae Hoon, makes his Canadian debut with the Vancouver Biennale.

Skin of Time 05

Skin of Time installation at Harbour Green. Photo by Dan Fairchild.

Trees represent many things in Korean culture, and occur in myths and legends.

There is the Shinsu (sacred tree), the tree of life, the tree which is at the centre of the world, the tree of death and revival, the tree that has the female essence and the male productivity, the tree of wisdom, the tree of sacrifice, and the tree of history and tradition.

A famous Korean holiday is Tree Planting Day, where Korean’s traditionally plant trees each April in support of a good planting environment.

Skin of Time 04

The 'skin' or 'bark' of the tree contains thousands of little holes that creates a sensation of glowing when the lights within are illuminated. Photo by Dan Fairchild.

The sculpture Skin of Time is a tree that represents aspects of the life of the artist Choi Tae Hoon. Choi Tae Hoon has attached and embedded messages and important mementoes relating personally to his life experiences in the skin or bark of the tree.

These personal marks and symbols can only be seen when they light up and shine like stars in the night sky.

Choi Tae Hoon is part of Korea’s rapidly developing contemporary art scene, which is now beginning to have greater exposure outside Korea. Artist of the year in 2006 at the Kim Jong Yung Art Museum, Seoul, Korea Choi Tae Hoon has proven to be one of Korea’s most progressive sculptors.

Tae Hoon makes his Canadian debut with the installation of this sculptural work.

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Skin of Time 03

Skin of Time installation at Harbour Green. Photo by Dan Fairchild.

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