It’s Not the Same Without Sculpture!

Friday April 1st, 2011

I was speaking with an Executive director of another non-profit foundation, who told me that although Yue Minjun’s “A-maze-ing laughter” wasn’t her favourite piece of public art it was, hands down the most successful piece of public art that she had ever seen!

Why do you hang art on your walls at home, or put up pictures of your friends and family? Turning a house into a home is about personalizing your environment or “humanizing our environment,” says Australian Artist Konstantin Dimopoulos. The role public art plays in our cities is the same.

“Public art humanizes an environment, the same way hanging a picture on your wall at home does. It add so much more to our communities and gives others a sense of who we are as a community.” – Konstantin Dimopoulos

As the 2009-2011 Vancouver Biennale draws to a close, we’ve launched out new, “It’s not the same without sculpture” campaign! We’ve taken to the streets and wrapped up five of your favourite pieces with our custom police style tape to mark the end of our Biennale and let you know that these sculptures that have been a part of our daily lives for the last two years will be de-installed in June 2011.

It’s easy to see these amazing pieces of public art and not question how they came to be and who’s in charge of keeping them there, but this is bound to get you talking. Not happy with the idea of these being de-installed – speak your mind and let your city know, because the next Vancouver Biennale isn’t until 2013!

2011-04-01 07.18.54

2011-04-01 06.52.29

2011-04-01 06.33.43

2011-04-01 06.20.21

2011-04-01 05.46.11

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