KIDDO Films “re-IMAGE-n” 2018-2020 Iconic Vancouver Biennale Artworks

Wednesday October 31st, 2018

The Vancouver Biennale is proud to present three short films created by locally based, creative production studio: KIDDO films. These videos are a response to the newest installations in the Vancouver Biennale 2018-2020 OPEN AIR MUSEUM. These visually captivating and abstract interpretations encourage viewers to “re-IMAGE-n” (as the exhibition theme suggests) these socially charged installations through a different lens and medium.

Director: Dylan Maranda
Cinematographer: Cole Graham
Executive Producers: Leah Nelson, Michael Milardo
Production Company: KIDDO


“This trio of short films for the Vancouver Biennale explore the subjective and personal experience of public art.”


Dylan Maranda is a filmmaker born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. His work exhibits an intimate approach to human stories through his unique, thought provoking, and raw visual aesthetic. A sense of honesty permeates each of his pieces across a wide spectrum of emotional tonality. He uses simplicity to create a moral perception that looks into the nature of truth and reveals the inner qualities and essence of his characters. No matter the story, he strives to leave a lasting impression on the viewer with everything he presents on screen.


With a passion for the art of cinematography, Cole brings a unique aesthetic to any project, balancing both the creative and the technical. Having shot his first feature length film at the age of 20, Cole’s work also includes international and local TV commercials, short films, fashion films and music videos. Cole’s work has been recognized for numerous awards and nominations as well as at many prestigious festivals around the world.

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