New Photos of Miss Mao Poised Atop Lenin's Head + Mud & Eggs

Wednesday January 20th, 2010
Lenin Eggs 08

Egg in your eye! Lenin got pelted. Photo by Dan Fairchild.

Freedom of expression is a wonderful thing.

Sometimes people exercise their constitutional rights with words by writing and publishing their thoughts in books or newspapers.  Sometimes by writing letters to the editor of the local papers.

Sometimes they’ll do it by throwing eggs or mud in the direction of their dissatisfaction.

Lenin Eggs 07

Eggs in one eye, mud in the other. Photos by Dan Fairchild.

I went out to Richmond yesterday to get a look at the thing itself in all its massive stainless steel glory.

It’s located in a gravel lot and overlooks the parking lot of an ICBC Claims Office.  And yes, it’s as charming as that sounds.

Behind it is some slick condo towers and a hotel.

Some people were exercising their freedom of expression with eggs and mud, while others laid sets of flowers at the base of the sculpture as a memorial.

Dan Fairchild did another amazing job of capturing the details with his camera.

Lenin Eggs 01

Lenin takes the criticism head-on. Photo by Dan Fairchild.

Lenin Eggs 05

Everybody's a Photographer. Photo by Dan Fairchild.

Lenin eggs 03

Miss Mao Makes for a Harder Target for Eggs and Mud. Photo by Dan Fairchild.

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