Physiotherapists Association of BC partners with the Tour de Biennale

Friday July 13th, 2012

One of our favourite parts of organizing the Tour de Biennale is the opportunity to partner with amazing non-profit organizations in the community. The Physiotherapy Association of British Columbiais one such partner thanks to the foresight of CEO, Rebecca Tunnacliffe. What drew Rebecca to partner with the Tour de Biennale? It might have something to do with her passion for both cycling and the colours pink and yellow. Here’s what David Youngson had to say:

Driving back from my Dad’s this afternoon, I saw a flash of the familiar yellow and pink zip by as Rebecca Tunnacliffe headed home from her ride around the island. I know Rebecca loves the Biennale colours, although given her usual attire they may be a bit conservative for her, they do match her bike and shoe detailing. I do hope she can rally her members in the physio world to support your ride. I imagine this is just the first off-shore sighting of what I am sure will be the ‘much sought after ride jersey’ from the Biennale.

We definitely hope so! When you register through one of our community partners, a portion of the proceeds will go to support their activities. If you’re interested in “keeping British Columbians moving for life,” use the promo code “Physio” when you register. The Physiotherapists Association of British Columbia would love the support. To see the complete list of our community partners, check out our website.

And don’t forget, our Early Bird Special has been extended to July 15. Register before then to get an official limited edition jersey for free!

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